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Art and art Museum invited expert Liu Yang: collection needs to study hard, careful friends, ordinary heart

      On October 17, Henan Art and Art Museum officially opened in the North District of Tianxia Collection in Zhengdong New District。

      Thousands of sails compete for success。

      After years of hard work in China's art industry, art collection has become an indispensable nectar to nourish life, auction houses have also developed from a few to hundreds of thousands, art galleries, art galleries, museums are emerging, at this time, Henan Art and Art Museum will brave the tide, do the industry's weather vane?

      In this regard, the reporter rushed to the art and art Museum of Henan Art and Art Museum invited expert Liu Yang made an interview。

      1.In recent years, with the change of people's collection concept, Buddha statues have become an important art category for many people to invest in financial management and collection with their unique artistic shape, profound cultural connotation and rich physical remains, and their prices have been rising all the way in the collection auction market。However, the Buddha statues on the market are mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, which makes many collectors and investors scared and deterred。May I ask Teacher Liu Yang, how to distinguish false Buddha statues?

      The differentiation of Buddha should be from the style of The Times, the image of the divine figure, the technology, as well as the decoration and carving of these aspects to grasp。The identification of Buddha statues is a comprehensive identification process, which requires us to observe and analyze from multiple angles。Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the counterfeiting technology is brilliant, and the innovation is constantly introduced, which requires us to be vigilant at all times, constantly inspect the art market, look more at the imitation of the real thing, and timely understand the information and means of counterfeiting。Only in this way can we take the initiative in the identification, not be confused by fake and shoddy products, and ensure that our identification and collection do not go wrong。

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The reporter interviewed the art and art gallerySpecially invited expert刘洋

      2. In recent years, the jade collection is in full swing, can Mr. Liu Yang share some jade identification experience for us?

      Jade identification, we must first look at the quality of jade, when and where the material produced, is mountain material or seed material。Such as five or six thousand or three or four thousand years ago, ancient jade can not be transported from Xinjiang Hotan and then cut。Second look at jade, jade is not cut, ancient jade is cut out, to see the shape of jade, lines, patterns and holes。Before the Han Dynasty, jade was sawed out with rope and ashlar sand, so there were saw marks, the holes of ancient jade were hand-ground with ashlar sand, and the holes were horn holes, very thick, and the grinding marks could be seen on the holes。Modern imitation jade, the use of machine production, hole surface is bare, obviously is not right。Three look at jade qin, is to point out that the soil to see qin color, handed down to see packaging pulp, this is the scar of the years。

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Arts and galleriesSpecially invited expert刘洋Interview with reporters

      3 .In recent years, the enthusiasm of social collection is rising, how to engage in collection, may I ask Mr. Liu Yang what advice is given to Tibetan friends?

      The first is to study hard。Antiquities and cultural relics are all products of culture, and they are very profound. If you do not study and understand the relevant historical and cultural background, how can you have a good understanding of them?Buying and hiding without knowing is not buying and hiding without knowing?Therefore, we must study and gradually improve our quality in the practice of learning and Tibet.The second is to make friends carefully。As the saying goes, there are a lot of people in the antique circle who are cynical and selfless, and you must look at your character to make friends. People who cheat you are often the people in the antique circle;The third is the normal heart。Collecting, buying things, you must have a normal heart。Always want to "pick up", easy to lose rationality, the result is mostly fooled。

刘洋From a family of antique collectors,Art and Art Museum invited expertEngaged in appraisal and evaluation for more than ten years, participated in the archaeological excavation of ancient kiln sites for many times, the national antique art senior appraisal and evaluation experts, especially good at porcelain, jade, bronze, Buddha identification and market research and judgment。

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